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Watch Kanye West And Justin Bieber Give An Aspiring Rapper A Shot

And he might just get to work with, like, an assistant.

If you run up on Kanye West and ask if you can audition for him, he might just give you a chance! At least that’s what happened to Cameron Grey.

“I wish you would give me a deal,” Cam rapped as West looked on. “I swear, I need it / I swear my whole life, this sh-t, I been dreamin’ / I swear to God, I feel it.”

Cam freestyled for a bit and Yeezy was so impressed that he asked for some written lines from the MC. Justin Bieber happened to be with Kanye at the time and even he asks for some more bars from Grey.

When Cam finished his impromptu audition, West actually asked him a life-altering question: “Are you open to start off as, like, an assistant?” Cam's reply? "I’m down to start anything.”

And Yeezy actually promised that he “can start somewhere.” Yeah, that was enough to make Cam walk away screaming with joy. Basically a miracle, right? That’s what Cameron said.

But this isn’t the first time Yeezy has allowed an aspiring MC to rap for him. I mean, that’s how Big Sean got his start.

And guess who was performing at the House of Blues that night? Yep, Big Sean.