Watch The Rock Treat His Fans To Sweaty, Post-Workout Hugs

A few lucky fans got to experience the true essence of Dwayne Johnson.

While most stars try to duck the public whenever they're in the middle of their daily physical regimen, The Rock was more than happy to greet fans on his way home from the gym, based on his latest Instagram post.

Earlier this morning, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted a selfie video showing him gleefully pulling over to greet fans who saw him driving home, giving his admirers a sweaty, post-workout hug. Nobody is happier to be covered in gym stank than these people:

As if there were any doubt that The Rock is one of the coolest stars in Hollywood, he captioned the post: "Drivin' in my pick up... stop for running screaming fans? Or don't stop for running screaming fans? #NeverASecondThought #TruckBrakesPumped #TheyGiveMeLove #IGiveThemSweatyAssHugs #HelluvaDeal."

Also, now we know The Rock waits to shower in the comfort of his own home instead of the gym locker room, which makes us feel better about making the same choice in junior high.