Terrifying GoPro Footage Shows Snowboarder Getting Caught In Avalanche

This might make you think twice before heading on that ski trip.

It's every skier, snowboarder or mountain climber's worst nightmare: You're enjoying a smooth expedition when all of a sudden...avalanche. Terrifying first-person footage out of Romania shows the exact moment things went south, very literally, for snowboarding instructor Sorin-Alexandru Radu, as the crust of snow around him began to crack and slide before transforming into an avalanche.

Radu happened to be wearing a GoPro on his helmet during a run down Papusa Mountain on Feb. 3 when the avalanche engulfed him, according to UPI, so now you can see what it's like to survive a mammoth wave of powder, all from the comfort of your couch.

Luckily, after getting momentarily buried in the avalanche, Radu was fine. He even posted a selfie to prove it:

Sliders Crew/Facebook