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Here's What Happens When You Use Marshawn Lynch Quotes As Pickup Lines

Would you try this as an opening, "Do you have any Skittles?"

If you're going to emulate a celebrity to improve your odds in the dating game, perhaps you pick someone like the uber-smooth George Clooney. One person you probably wouldn't look to for inspiration is Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch. For those of you not sports-inclined, Lynch is known for his prickly behavior with the media, only showing up to press conferences so that he won't get fined by the league. His performance at Super Bowl XLIX Media Day this year was a stonewalling for the ages, answering every question with "You know why I'm here."

Well, a dude named Henry decided to try hitting on women by only using Marshawn Lynch presser quotes. And somehow it was even more uncomfortable than the actual interviews that spawned the quotes — even when it was successful!

Henry starts off by creeping on girls in the library, frequently met by a blank stare. When he incorporated Skittles into his shtick, just like the real deal, it somehow got even creepier. But eventually, Henry gets some engagement, and even gets a "sure why not" sympathy number! You know why he's here.

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