This Lamb Raised By Dogs Thinks It's A Border Collie: Watch

Meet the wooliest member of the wolfpack.

Here's the story of a brave lamb that was raised by dogs and thinks it's part of the canine crew. YouTube User Jemma Mackenzie says the orphaned lamb, whom the family named "Pet," grew up thinking their border collie Dice was her mother. Pet would sleep in the same bed with Dice, and now she's been conditioned to behave like one of the family's border collies.

As you can see in this first video, Pet is eager to run with the big dogs. But the other collies don't seem to know quite what to do with her yet — in their defense, it could be because the wool makes her look so much bigger.

But don't worry, Pet isn't totally ostracized by the dogs. In another video, they engage with her, informally welcoming her into the wolfpack.

Next step: going from "baa" to "bark."

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