Bastille Say They'll Probably Run Away If They Win A Grammy

Dan Smith tells MTV News what would happen if he wins Best New Artist on Sunday.

Bastille will spend Grammy night "awkwardly tripping down the red carpet and pulling our shirt collars." After the show -- where they're nominated for Best New Artist -- they'll probably make their way to a dimly lit establishment, knocking a few back with Ed Sheeran.

The British rock foursome, who made their debut with 2013's Bad Blood, will be up against Iggy Azalea, Sam Smith, Brandy Clark and Haim on Sunday night when famous musicians from around the world gather in Los Angeles' Staples Center. Tonight, a day before the big event, lead singer Dan Smith senses a surreality in the usually sunny city, where it's pouring rain.

"It feels very much removed from normality," Smith told MTV News on Saturday night (Feb. 7). "And it's not something we ever imagined we'd be remotely involved in. It's really, really awesome to be nominated."

Smith is pulling for sister trio Haim, who just collaborated with the band for their new song "Bite Down" -- "We love the Haim girls to pieces." He plans to keep the glitzy night low-key -- if that's possible.

"There's so many parties and sometimes it's anticlimactic because you spend your whole evening going places instead of going somewhere to hang out," Smith said. "So maybe we'll find some dive bar somewhere and get together some of our friends and drink." Such friends include pal Sheeran, whose performance with Herbie Hancock and ELO is what Smith's most pumped for.

As for winning Best New Artist, Smith says he has absolutely nothing planned. And while the band doesn't think they're going to win, they have a backup plan if they do: run away.

"If by some crazy miracle someone made a mistake, I don't think think we'd even have to say anything," he said. "I think us and the rest of the room would be so utterly shocked. We'd probably just run out the door as far away as possible."