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This 'Fifty Shades' Inspired Kinky Drink Claims To Boost Your Sex Drive

Apparently you're only a few sips away from some bondage-style ish.

Fifty Shades of Grey” is FINALLY almost here, and chances are that after you see it (don’t pretend like you don’t want to), you may be feeling a little, uh, frisky.

Scottish brewery Innis & Gunn has designed a special edition beer they’ve dubbed “50 Shades of Green,” and they hope it’ll get drinkers feeling as frisky as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

Be warned: this isn’t just a regular ol’ drink you’d sip at home. In fact, you’d want to be super selective about where you drink it (and with whom) because the brewers claim it’s “performance-enhancing.”


The drink — which the brewers describe as “mellow,” “intense,” and “seductively spicy” — is packed with 50 different hop varieties, including sirachi ace from Japan and pacific jade from New Zealand. It’s also loaded with things like ginseng, which boosts sex drives, ginkgo biloba, an herb to get blood pumping, and damiana, a nerve stimulant.

So basically, it sounds like Viagra and/or a D’Angelo song in liquid form.

The drink is only being sold in very limited edition. Just 200 bottles were made, and they’ll be sold for $46 a pop on the brewery’s website.

Innis & Gunn CEO Dougal Sharp said, “We had a lot of fun making this beer, doing things that have never been done before in brewing, much like couples will be doing behind closed doors once they’ve seen the film.”