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Drake Is Judging A Huge Rap Battle... But Will He Enter The Arena Himself?

Plus, he's put up $10,000 of his own money as the prize.

In order to organize one of this year's biggest rap battle events, Drake teamed up with King of the Dot, the Toronto-based company whose slogan is "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is..." And for King of the Dot's Blackout 5 event, that's exactly what Drizzy's doing.

During the press conference for Blackout, Drake surprised everyone when he said he would be willing to judge the co-main event battle between Hitman Holla and Shotty Horroh. In fact, Drizzy took things a step further: "I'll put ten racks up," Drake said.

Longtime battle event organizer Poison Pen was on hand and he asked for a confirmation from the emcee. "Yeah," Drake said. "I want one more judge though."

KOTD's Bishop Brigante said details will be ironed out behind-the-scenes. So, there could be even more surprises Saturday and Sunday.

But that wasn't all for Drake. He also said he would put an undisclosed amount of money up for the winner of the other main event, a bout between KOTD title-holder Pat Stay and his challenger Charron.

So we know Drake is a fan of battling and that he helped organize this whole event, but will he ever enter the ring? While he would love to, he said there's one thing keeping him from committing to it.

"It's tough for me because it's a no-holds-barred competitive interaction and the problem with that is I have to go back to my life after that," Drake said. "I've always struggled with that. I'd love to get into the scene, but I have obligations...I have corporate stuff going on."

Murda Mook has been a rumored potential opponent for Drake, but Drizzy said he doesn't "know if Mook deserves it." When someone asks if he'd battle Harlem emcee Head Ice, Drake declined. "Nah," Drake said. "He'd body me."

But don't think you won't ever hear competitive rhymes from Drake if he doesn't battle. He'll still be penning some competitive lines when he raps alongside the likes of Kanye West, Jay Z and Big Sean.

"We're writing in an aggressive state," Drake added. "It's competitive."

This all leads us to wonder if Drake is going to miss out on the Grammys for this battle event, one that's been called one of the best and most diverse of its kind. He already gave out Grammys on his Instagram (as he raps in Big Sean's "Blessed") so he might not mind missing out on the Grammy festivities.

Watch the full press conference for King of the Dot's Blackout 5 below and purchase the pay-per-view here.