Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

One Direction Fans Just Got Hit By The Meanest Twitter Prank Ever

This is why I have trust issues, TBH.

The One Direction fandom went through a temporary fit of chaos on Saturday (February 7), when the hashtag #1DTourCancelled started trending worldwide on Twitter.

Needless to say, this threw a lot of Directioners for a loop considering that...uh...the On The Road Again tour literally just started last night.

Some fans were not amused...

...but the veteran fans just shrugged it off.

After all, the 1D fandom is constantly being hit by haters who attempt to rattle their nerves, but true Directioners are smart enough to shake them off and keep slaying.

Whether this was a prank by another fandom (could it be you, 5SOS peeps?!) or simply one mean troll’s way of trying to upset people, it doesn’t matter because the tour’s opening night in Sydney, Australia was nothing short of incredible.

Don’t believe us? This is all the proof you need: