Watch An Adorable Family Go Completely Insane Over A Pregnancy Announcement

Their chill is gone... and we totally get it.

The cool thing about having a professional wedding filmmaker in the family is that, when said filmmaker and his wife conceive their first child, said filmmaker can make a really cool pregnancy video announcement and drive the rest of the fam completely bats--t insane. This was the case for Texan Bryan Canatella, who blew his family's mind with the news that he and his wife, Caryn, have a baby on the way.

In the video, Canatella films his unsuspecting extended family as they watch his sweet montage of family footage through the years. They think it's over, until an unexpected surprise at the end tells them that "there's more."

We won't spoil how they broke the news, but we will tell you to look out for the kid who is SUPER NOT INTO IT. You'll know him when you see him. Sorry, baby, but "kid who hates noise" is the true star of this whole adorable thing: