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According To Facebook, One Artist Is Going To Totally Sweep The Grammys

It's a Grammys bloodbath!

When the 2015 Grammy Awards air on Sunday night (February 8), one artist is going to cry sweet tears of victory will everybody else -- like Beyonce, Iggy Azalea, and Pharrell -- goes home empty-handed. Well, at least according to Facebook.

The good people at The Book have complied data from its gazillions of users (h/t to People), and turned that data into handy-dandy infographics that predict the major Grammy Awards, state by state. The results may surprise you, unless you're a giant fan of Sam Smith.

So without further ado, here's who the Facebook users of America (so like, pretty much all of you) think will win.

Best Pop Vocal Album: Sam Smith

Best New Artist: Sam Smith

Album Of The Year: Sam Smith

Do you agree with Facebook? Let us know your thoughts, and be sure to follow MTV News for all of your best Grammys coverage!