Volodymyr Khodaryev/Getty Images

Your Bra Could Actually Save Your Life -- Here's How

Victoria's secret is that bras are actually life savers.

Ivete Medeiro, a market vendor from Belém, Brazil, made a top-notch choice of undergarments on Thursday (Feb. 5) that ended up saving her life.

Medeiro was leaving her market that day when she saw some commotion on the other side of the street that turned out to be a scuttle between a thief and a passer-by. As she approached the scene to investigate, the thief opened fire and a stray bullet hit Medeiro under her left breast.

But, by some divine act of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, the bullet got lodged in the underwire of her black lace bra, allowing her to narrowly escape death.


Medeiro told reporters she only felt “a little burning sensation.” She was treated by medics and released uninjured, which is pretty miraculous considering she was shot so close to the heart.

While the undergarment industry would probably love to claim this as a victory, Medeiro insists it wasn’t just her literal wonder bra that saved her. “It was not just the bra wiring, which softened [it] a little, but God who saved me,” she insisted.

In any case, ladies, you might want to reconsider next time you feel too lazy to put on a bra. Just sayin’, those things can apparently work miracles.