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Jeff Bridges And Julianne Moore Want The Coens To Make 'Lebowski 2'

That's just, like, their opinion, man.

Seventeen years after that dreamy bowling scene in "The Big Lebowski," Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges are again sharing the screen. But "Seventh Son," the magical tale of adventure and witch hunting that hits theaters today, is most definitely not a sequel.

"No, we want the Brothers to really do 'Big Lebowski,'" Bridges said in response to MTV News' joke that "Seventh Son" was a follow-up to the Coen Brothers' classic comedy. "That would be cool. This is like a prequel. A 'Lebowski' prequel."

Moore agreed: it has to be the Coens.

And, yes, Coen Brothers fans, it's okay to get excited: Neither Bridges nor Moore are done collaborating with the directors.

"I certainly pay attention when the Brothers come calling, man," Bridges said.

"Their language is so incredible," Moore added. "The clarity with which they tell stories, I'm always amazed by their work."

You hear that, Dudeists? There's hope for more!