Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

Schoolboy Q Is A Best Rap Album Nominee, So His Grammy Outfit Will Be The Coldest

You can't compete with this.

Schoolboy Q will definitely be at the 2015 Grammy Awards, since he's nominated for Best Rap Album with Oxymoron, and now we're wondering what he might be wearing. A bucket hat? Three-piece suit?

Last year the Compton rapper was a guest on MTV's RapFix Live with Sway Calloway, and he already had a pretty good idea of what he'd be wearing to the annual awards show when he finally had a reason to dress up.

“I’m never into the red carpets because I was never nominated for stuff. If you see me on a red carpet it’s just because I was coming through to hang out with Dot — Kendrick or somebody,” he said.

But all that's changed now, so what will the outfit be? “If I go to the Grammys, I’ma come in there cold, I’ma go with some Dickies on,” Q said.

I guess he still wanted the top half of his outfit to be a surprise. Fair enough.