Rob Dyrdek Guzzles The Contents Of A Five-Pound Ostrich Egg, And It's Just As Disgusting As You Think

The 'Fantasy Factory' frontman lost a bet with dire consequences.

First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with a treasure chest who has to guzzle a thick, sticky, five-pound ostrich egg.

On last night's "Fantasy Factory" episode, Big Cat shared a rather surprising tale: Once upon a time, with no particular provocation, he strapped on a jockey getup and entered an ostrich race (because, evidently, those exist). Plus, he did pretty well!

Naturally, Rob wasn't willing to let Scott accept the title of family's best bird-rider by default, so he challenged Big Cat and Drama to a three-man race all their own. Soon, the men decided that the event's loser would have to chug the contents of an ostrich egg.

Long story short: For all Rob's trash-talking, he came in dead last. Still, he's a man of his word, and so, with the help of a small power saw, he cut open his thick cocktail, plugged his nose and bottoms-upped.

If you don't want nightmares, don't watch:

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