Dimitri Otis / Getty Images

McDonald's Accidentally Served Fries With A Side Of Human Teeth

No employees were missing a tooth at the offending branch in Japan.

It looks like the tooth fairy should pay a visit to McDonald's in Japan, because there's probably a canine waiting for her in vat of french fries somewhere.

Japanese McDonald's restaurants -- can you even refer to them as restaurants? -- are losing customers after a string of questionable substances, like a human tooth, vinyl and bits of plastic, mysteriously ended up in their food.

All three incidents occurred within the past year at McDonald's branches in Japan, and no food is safe from contamination. The tooth was found in a batch of fries, the vinyl inside a McNugget and the plastic -- which actually cut open a child's mouth -- lodged in an ice cream cone.

Sounds delish, right? McDonald's has explanations -- like a loose machine part in the ice cream case -- for some of these very big mistakes. But some unwanted meal additions, namely the human tooth, showed up completely out of nowhere and are still being investigated.

"We were not able to discover how [the tooth] got in the food," Hidehito Hishinuma, the Senior Vice President of McDonald's firm in Japan, said this past January at a news conference. None of the employees at the offending branch were missing any of their teeth.

Oof. Maybe Mindy Lahiri should avoid visiting any McDonald's in Japan for awhile.