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Lauren Conrad Designs 'Cinderella'-Themed Clothes You May Actually Wear

It feels like Lauren Conrad is constantly designing and releasing new collections for Kohl's, but her most recent one is different—it's "Cinderella"-themed. The new collection is filled with flouncy skirts, sequins, and, of course, the color blue. The best part? It's dropping online on February 22, just in time for the new, live-action "Cinderella," which is coming out on March 13.

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In the new collection images, Lauren models the pieces in a very fancy wooded area—I mean, tea cups are growing on trees, hello—but, TBH, the only thing we're looking at is that new 'do. This is the first LC Lauren Conrad campaign that has featured her multi-haircut bob and it looks sooo good. Cutting your hair for the first time in years was a wise decision, IMHO, LC.

The collection includes a dress with a sheer back and—good news—comes in three different colors.

And, for those in the market for a more obvious homage to Cinderella, there's a blue tulle skirt and a sweater emblazoned with a sequined heel. While wearing them together is not a requirement, the look is def full Cinderella, if you're into that.

The full collection will be in stores and on the Kohl's website on February 22, so get ready for more pieces (and more photos of LC's new hair!). For those who need new clothes right this second, a few pieces are already on the site.