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Meek Mill Can't Hear What Anyone's Saying When He's Looking At Nicki Minaj

You said what?

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill aren't really asking us to read between lines anymore, since they keep sharing photos together, all boo'ed up. And if anyone is criticizing what they have going on, Meek can't even hear you.

In the past few weeks, both Nicki and Meek have posted several photos with each other on Instagram -- including the most recent one of them on a dinner date -- giving people plenty to talk about.

There have been memes and a million tweets about them, but the MMG rapper wants you to know that he's deaf to all of the chatter.

He shared one of Nicki's selfies early on Friday morning (Feb. 6), with the caption, "The crazy part is I don't even b hearing what yall talking bout!"

And, I feel him. I wouldn't be listening either.