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The Most Helpful Target Employee Tied This Teen's Tie Before His Job Interview

This kid even got some great interviewing tips.

For teenagers, even mundane interactions with grownups are nightmares of stuttering and flop sweat. That's why most teens are willing to take any advice they can get when it comes to job interviews — even if the advice is coming from two Target employees you've never met before.

That's what happened when a teenager in Raleigh, North Carolina, came in to Target and ended up getting some help the kindest Target employees in the world. He was wearing a suit and shopping for a clip-on tie ahead for his first job interview. When Target employee Cathy Scott informed him that they only had regular ties, she called over her colleague Dennis Roberts, and together they helped the kid pick one out.

Roberts then tied it for him, and they gave him some advice ahead of the big meeting at Chik-fil-A.

"We said, 'Make sure you look him in the eye.' I'm saying make sure you give him a firm handshake," Roberts told the local ABC affiliate. One customer witnessed the good deed posted about it on Facebook, and now it's gaining national attention.

But that's not all — after realizing they never got his name, Cathy and Dennis rounded up the squad and went to the local Chik-fil-A, offering to be the kid's job references!

According to RTV6, Chick-fil-A informed them he has several rounds of interviews ahead of him, but that they'd be informed if he got the job.

This is the type of neighborhood community togetherness Kumbaya stuff that we assumed died right around when Blockbuster died. Looks like Target Lady is no longer the most notable Target employee.