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Taylor Swift Cracks Down On Etsy Sellers For Using Her Lyrics

Lawyers gonna sue, sue, sue, sue, sue (maybe).

It looks like Taylor Swift has taken a break from petting Olivia Benson and furthering belly-button conspiracies to lay down some serious law when it comes to using her trademarked lyrics: sorry Etsy sellers, but it appears using Tay's words without her permission just isn't cool.

Some Etsy sellers who use the e-commerce site to hock their Taylor Swift-centric wares have reportedly come under fire from Taylor's legal team, receiving cease-and-desist letters in regards to products that feature the "Blank Space" singer's lyrics. She isn't the only musician who's cracked down on Etsy sellers, either. Beyonce recently did the same thing.

Although this situation is a major bummer for the legions of Swifties active on Etsy, a ton of incredible, Taylor-approved merch is still available to snag in her online store (which is legit massive, BTW). The site features adorable apparel fit for Cat Queens and sneakerheads alike. Rad, huh?

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but maybe all of this legal dramz with Etsy is just a precursor to Taylor expanding her own line of merchandise...?!? A GIRL CAN DREAM.