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Steroline Is Finally Happening On 'The Vampire Diaries' And We Have Feelings About It

Sorry Stelena, it looks like Steroline is becoming official.

Stefan and Caroline's relationship on "The Vampire Diaries" is the definition of a slow burn. They've been toeing the line between friendship and something more for seasons, and the buildup has been frustratingly satisfying.

Case in point: their "Oh god, just kiss already!" moment in the most recent episode of "TVD." At first, it looked like Stefan might be going in for a kiss... until he planted one on her forehead. But it looks like that all could change in next week's episode, titled "Stay," when Steroline embarks on a "new chapter."

Okay, so it definitely looks like Caroline and Stefan are becoming canon, and we are totally freaking out.

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According to the synopsis for "Stay," Stefan and Caroline "find themselves growing closer as they prepare Caroline’s family cabin for her mother to live out her final days." While it's unfortunate it took Liz getting terminal cancer for Stefan to stop being so stubborn and realize how much Caroline means to him, we're looking forward to this next chapter in Steroline's relationship.

Stefan and Caroline didn’t really start getting close until season two, when Katherine turned Caroline into a vampire. And their chemistry has been magnetic since. Now that Stefan is 100 percent over Elena (it only took four seasons), we’ve been able to see how Steroline's “friendship” has evolved over the years. Even Lexi knew that Stefan and Caroline were more than just friends.

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One of the benefits of a slow burn relationship is that you spend enough time getting to know each other so that ultimately, you can determine how compatible you are together. And Steroline are extremely compatible. Caroline is Stefan’s rock; she’s the only person he feels comfortable opening up to, and vice versa.

Stefan and Caroline have had enough "will they, won't they" moments -- near-kisses, flirty banter, and longing stares -- to warrant a kiss in next week's episode, tbh. And we are more than ready for it.

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Bring on the era of Steroline!