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Kendall Jenner's 'Boobs' Shoot For 'Love' Was Inspired By Kim Kardashian

If you've been keeping up with the insane amount of stuff coming out of Love Magazine Issue 13, which has multiple covers featuring Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, a Kim Kardashian cover, a Cara and Kim cover, a Kylie Jenner spread, and, from what we've seen ~floating~ around, at least a few new photos of Kim that may #BREAKTHEINTERNET again.

Another new spread that has surfaced and has been sparking a lot of chatter is one featuring Kendall with some, um, very enhanced features (they're prostheses). talked to Panos Yiapanis, Love's fashion director and the man behind the shoot, which, BTW, is called, simply, "Boobs."

Panos explained that he had been wanting to work prostheses into a shoot for a while, and when he heard that Kim Kardashian would be involved with this issue, he knew it was the perfect opportunity for an *ahem* enhanced shoot. He explained, "A lot of designers seem to be courting people like Kim, but at the same time the clothes that they make still don’t really fit that body, unless they’re custom-made. There’s a slight insincerity to that."

Panos elaborates on styling the shoot, revealing that, "The only important thing was to show how the clothes don’t actually fit those bodies, that there was no way to get those samples around those breasts." For those wondering, that's a patent leather patchwork dress from Junya Watanabe on Kendall's lap, hence the toplessness.

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