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Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna Or Britney Spears: Who Wore A Giant-Ass Snake Better? [POLL]

I'm a ssssslave for all three of these ladies.

Last night, the world was given an extremely necessary photo of Jennifer Lawrence posing naked with a Colombian red-tailed boa constrictor, in what Vanity Fair photographer Patrick Demarchelier intended as “an homage to the 1981 Richard Avedon Vogue portrait of Nastassja Kinski that launched a million dorm-room posters.”

Vanity Fair

Now, of course JLaw looks absolutely fantastic in the shot—she is JLaw, after all, while the rest of us are merely human—but the photo was definitely far more reminiscent of a couple more recent pop culture icons than this Nastassja Kinski person.

I'm referring of course to Ms. Britney Spears, who performed her now iconic "I'm A Slave 4 U" dance at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards with an albino Burmese python.

Damien Hurst/GQ

Also, there's Rihanna, who posed for GQ with a python and spooky reptilian contact lenses back in 2013.

All three ladies handled their snakes with style and care, but since life is one giant beauty pageant, this all begs the essential question: "Who wore it better?" May the best snake-charmer win!