Every Time Mila Kunis Proved She's The Queen Of Your Planet

'Jupiter Ascending' aside, it turns out that Mila really is Your Majesty.

In "Jupiter Ascending," the new science fiction movie from the Wachowskis, we find out that the otherwise super normal human Jupiter Jones, played by Mila Kunis, is actually the ancient queen of Earth reincarnated. This is hardly the most far-fetched idea in the movie, because as we all know, in reality, Mila Kunis herself is actually the ancient queen of Earth reincarnated.

Don't believe us? Here's proof positive that Mila is indeed the majestic ruler of your planet:

  1. Here she is in royal attire.
  2. Watch and tremble at Mila's majestic magic spells, known only by the ancient order of Earth's perfect queens.
  3. Look on in awe as Queen Mila prepares her levitation spell.
  4. Look! Queen Mila flies!
  5. Dance with Queen Mila, Earth's greatest dancer.
  6. Dance, Man-Servant Justin Timberlake! Dance!
  7. Drink only the finest of Earth's drinks with Queen Mila.
  8. Eat only the finest of Earth's foods with Queen Mila.
  9. Listen to her carefully guarded secrets.
  10. Listen closer...
  11. Now stare into her eyes...
  12. Ha-ha! You have fallen for Queen Mila's majestic hypnosis spell!
  13. Now hear her commands, and obey.
  14. OBEY!
  15. Now join Man-Servant Timberlake as Queen Mila's slave for life.
  16. Look on in horror as Queen Mila seduces every Earth man...
  17. And every Earth woman...
  18. Even an alien or two.
  19. And know in your heart of hearts, that even though Queen Mila agreed to a marriage contract...
  20. ...her heart is already claimed.
  21. Earth Queen Mila hearts Mila.
  22. Because she's Queen Mila.

    Lesson learned.