You Have To Watch Vanessa Bayer's 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Parody

...We'll take the stairs.

Leave it to a “Saturday Night Live” cast member to make a can’t-miss parody of the upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie.

In the hilarious spoof, which is actually a promotional spot for Audi, Vanessa Bayer takes aim at the infamous elevator scene from the film, making very inappropriate sexual advances towards unsuspecting, would-be Christian Greys using an array of sex toys like handcuffs and other unmentionables.

“Ma’am, I think your phone’s ringing,” says the man, motioning towards her purse.

“It’s not my phone,” Bayer says suggestively.

In addition to toys, Bayer uses exercise to seduce her man.

“I’m working out right now,” she says, motioning towards her nether regions. “Kegels...making everything real strong.”

“No,” he says, feigning embarrassment. “I got it.”

Yes, we all got it.