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Is This A New Hilary Duff Song? Could It Be?!

Hilary teases a new track from the studio.

Although the release of Hilary Duff's fifth studio album has taken a backseat to her current acting gig on TV Land's "Younger," don't think that she's forgotten about her musical endeavors altogether.

On Thursday (February 5), your once and forever Queen of the Butterfly Clip teased a new song on Instagram. The black and white video is almost sadistically short, but you can hear her sing three words: "like everybody else."

The "All About You" singer also captioned the clip, "Remember when I said I'd die for you," so maybe that's another lyric?

Anyway, Her Royal Duffness has been holed up in a recording studio somewhere in Sweden since the end of January, working with songwriters and producers like Jason "Ginni" Gill and Tove Lo. (Yep, that Tove Lo.) That bodes really well for Hilary's fifth album, if and when we ever get to hear it.