Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian Shares A Throwback Bikini Photo From 'Way The F--k Back'

In the beginning, there was Kim's body.

Kim Kardashian took us all for a ride in the (bikini-appropriate) hot tub time machine for today's #TBT with a picture she posted on Instagram.

In the photo, a younger and less, um, voluptuous Kimmy looks photo shoot fresh in a silver sequined two-piece swimsuit and sexy belly chain.

“#TWTFBT I'm throwing this way the f--k back Thursday #MissTeenArmenian,” she wrote in the caption.

Never mind the opened suitcase in the background. (Was she packing or unpacking?) Just focus on the silky hair, makeup, belly chain and, of course, that flawless body.

No wonder “The Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star was hubby Kanye West's dream girl back in the day.