Mark Davis/Getty Images for Netflix

17 Times Jamie Dornan Was The Opposite Of Christian Grey In Real Life

He does not exercise control in all things — especially when it comes to Beyoncé.

Yes, Jamie Dornan is incredibly sexy... But his similarities to his “Fifty Shades of Grey” character basically end there. Although Dornan can rock a suit like Christian Grey, and probably seduce anyone he damn well pleases, he is a goofy Irishman in real life.

To prove this, we've rounded up a slew of evidence to prove how adorable Dornan is offscreen.

  1. He loves a good banana phone.

    He probably answers “yellow?” too.

  2. He can’t help but make a dirty joke.

    Mr. Grey would never utter “in my pants,” especially on social media.

  3. He appreciates a good fake selfie.

    And probably a lot of memes, too.

  4. And his real ones are bloody good, too.


  5. He can’t dance and he has a “Weird walk.”

    This clip also has him goofing off with Aaron Paul and talking about he is “quite bouncy.”

  6. Champagne is not his thing.

    He’s not fancy, he already knows.

  7. He has a lot of feelings about the royal baby.

    Maybe Christian also had some thoughts, but he wouldn’t share them like this.

  8. He chats with stuffed bears.

    Passive aggressive bears, at that.

  9. He loves “Friends.”

    Double meaning for the TV show and also liking other people. Christian Grey has no friends.

  10. His appreciation for bacon cheeseburgers.

    Dornan likes “mayonnaise and ketchup all over” his face, or as he describes, a “pretty messy” bacon cheeseburger. He does not understand men who watch what they eat whatsoever.

  11. He loves “Mmmbop.”

    I need to know which Hanson brother is his favorite.

  12. He’s a member of the Beyhive.

    Well…maybe. He was kind of insulting Beyoncé during the Super Bowl halftime show.

  13. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is his jam.

    Make my wish come true, Jamie Dornan.

  14. He loves karaoke.

    Just imagine him singing Michael Jackson. It’s too much.

  15. Actually, he loves singing in general.

    This song is called “Fairytale” from his band Sons of Jim. Clearly he knew he’d be on “Once Upon a Time” way back in 2005.

  16. His impulse control is more about Santa than sex.

    He does not exercise control in all things.

  17. He loves shooting guns and video games.

    The guns are turned on people he loves in “Fifty Shades” and Christian would never touch a video game.

  18. Lastly, he wears shorts proudly.

    Bonus Eddie Redmayne in a soaking wet, see-through t-shirt!