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Remember When Ed Sheeran Brought His Gooch And Booty-Clapping To The Red Carpet?

'Darling, I’m a grower, not a show-er,' Ed told us before the VMAs.

Before Ed Sheeran performs at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, let's take a second to remember what he's like at award shows.

Ed's the kind of guy who’s easy to misjudge. One look at his wide-eyed, giggly face, or one listen to his adorably sincere songs, and you’d probably peg him for a harmless, teddy bear-like sweetie pie. But then he opens his mouth, and that’s when all bets are off.

The best and most hilarious example of this was at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, when MTV's special red carpet correspondents, Grimes and Rachel Antonoff, cornered Ed on the red carpet and inadvertently ended up discussing his, uh, "leanings."

It started off harmless enough, with the trio admiring Ed's snazzy kicks, but then he revealed that the brand of his jacket was called “Gooch.” Nope, not Gucci. Just “gooch.”

“Do you know what a gooch is?” Ed asked. “A gooch is a British word for the piece of skin between...”

And that’s when things got weird -- just watch the video to see for yourself. *Starts petition to engrave Ed’s tombstone with the phrase “Darling, I’m a grower, not a show-er.”*

Then at the 2014 VMAs, Ed once again left his filter at home and revealed that he was learning how to dance for his Thinking Out Loud" video.

As you probably remember, Ed tackles some intricately choreographed ballroom dancing in the vid, but apparently that wasn’t the only kind of dancing he mastered.

“I’m learning how to booty clap,” Ed shared. “I can squat, and that’s about it.”

Oh, Ed. Please never change.