The Cast Of 'Seventh Son' Tells Us How They Made Those Magic Bears

'In actual fact, you're standing in the middle of a forest...scared at nothing.'

"Seventh Son" is an epic fantasy adventure of swords, dragons and magical shape-shifting bears that would most definitely rip your face off if given half the chance. The new movie follows Tom (Ben Barnes), the seventh son of a seventh son, and therefore in possession of certain skills, in his apprenticeship with the witch-hunter Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges). Together, the duo must find a way to contain the powerful witch Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore).

Of course, those dragons and bears that Barnes and Bridges face aren't actually there on set. MTV News caught up with the movie's cast to find out how they managed to bring the film's magical elements to life.

"You imagine these scenes with these giant bears and dragons and boggarts and ghosts, when in actual fact, you're standing in the middle of a forest at 3 o'clock in the morning just scared at nothing," Barnes said.

"I always feel like films are just a collection of scenes you've filmed in fancy dress until someone sees it," he said of seeing the final cut of the film.

Moore said that while filming, you have to trust that the effects will be in the final cut.

"You're just kind of told, walk up the ramp at this speed because you're going to turn into a dragon at the end," she said. (And, yes, she does turn into a dragon in the movie. Often.)

For more on the movie wizardry you'll see in "Seventh Son," check out the clip above.

"Seventh Son" hits theaters February 6.