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No Really, Kendall Jenner And Cara Delevingne Just Scored Two More Magazine Covers

The future is here.

Have we reached Kendall Jenner peak saturation yet? Not even close! So far this week, Kendall has posed in a towel, announced a collaboration with Topshop and mounted Cara Delevingne on a magazine cover (for the second time). Now she'll be posing on yet another magazine cover along with her BFF Cara, only this time they'll have separate covers.

Kendall and Cara, as well as Joan Smalls, Lara Stone, and Binx Walton, represent the future of models and magazines) on the latest issue of Garage. Literally, this is the future come to life. While their covers might look normal enough, aside from the fact that, y'know, there's weird stuff on all of their faces, the models actually come to life when you view the issues through Garage's special app.

The animated cover is demonstrated in this video and, um, is it just me, or is this completely terrifying? I can watch Rihanna swim with sharks all day, but I can barely make it through this video once. The heavy breathing, the darkness that comes over Kendall—I just can't take it, TBH.

Garage Magazine

While we don't yet know what Cara's looks like when it comes to life, I have an idea of one thing that would stick out in 3D: dem brows. With minimal makeup on and her face framed by headphones and a mysterious blue chin accessory, CD's brows are out in full force.

You can peep the rest of the covers on Garage's website and be sure to look out for the issue when it hits newsstands next week.