This Woman Got Paid $100 To Destroy A Grocery Store Aisle

Certainly beats clipping coupons!

Supermarket cashiers, butchers and bag boys be warned: There's a dangerous woman on the loose in New York City's West Village, and she's ready to go apesh** on your non-perishables.

On tonight's "Broke A$$ Game Show," between challenging construction workers to twerk and encouraging Times Square tourists to shout obscenities into the ether, hosts David Magidoff and Derek Gaines stopped by Morton Williams in search of a hell-raiser ready to cause some trouble. And they found precisely that in a young woman named Justine, whom they challenged to travel from one side of an aisle to the other without touching the floor (because it was made of lava AHH!). A successful trip meant a $100 prize.

After a bit of internal debate, brave Justine decided it was a mission she was willing to accept.

In the video below, neither fizzy seltzers nor bargain tortilla chips are safe from Justine's carnage as she barrels through her warpath like a bat out of hell. We salute you, J. VESUVIUS GOT NOTHIN'.

Watch Justine get the unusual chance to make any child's dream come true, and be sure to catch an all-new "Broke A$$ Game Show" episode next Thursday night at 11/10c!