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Single On Valentine's Day? Spoon With A Weighted, Two-Armed Blanket

When you snuggle up with a weighted blanket, there's no awkward morning after.

If you always find yourself single on Valentine's Day, it might be time to think about upgrading your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Pillow with a weighted, dual-limbed blanket with free-moving fingers.

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Trust us, it's definitely less creepy than a one-armed pillow wearing a button-down.

Featured in Dezeen magazine, the six-pound, poly-pellet-stuffed fleece blanket is aptly called The Weight, and was designed by artist Mia Cinelli to simulate the feeling of being hugged.

Cinelli initially made the "weighted comfort object" to remind her of the hugs she used to receive from her fiancé's father before he passed away. And this is actually a proven relief technique. According to Dezeen, weighted blankets are used in occupational therapy because "the feeling of pressure on the body created by the blanket is believed to create a relaxing effect."

Cinelli took that idea and simply humanized it a bit, adding arms with hands that could be held. And if it's good enough for therapy, then surely it's good enough to comfort those who go home alone on V-Day, aching for a spooning partner.

Unfortunately, if this sounds appealing to you, you might have to hurry up and make your own prototype before V-Day, because Cinelli isn't sure how she wants to proceed with selling the product.

"Is it a custom-made cultural object kept by grieving loved ones? Does it become standard equipment of funeral home directors?" she wondered to Dezeen. "Is it an elite object of comfort intertwined with high fashion, or is it sold next to heating pads in pharmacies?"

Even better idea: make one with a heating pad built in, and then nobody will ever have to seek human contact ever again.

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