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Katy Perry Approves Of This IRL Left Shark Tattoo

The sharks also sat down with John Mayer for a chat Wednesday night.

You can't blame Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime sharks for trying to extend their 14 minutes of fame. When you just danced (and not danced) in front of the biggest audience ever at a Super Bowl, you kind of need to extend the brand as long as you can.

That's why it makes perfect sense that Katy shouted out a brave fan who got one of the sharks permanently inked on his body this week. "Also shout out to this guy who loved the Sharks so much he drew blood for them," she wrote.

But the sharks weren't done there, though. No, they also made the rounds of late night talk shows, flippering up to take a seat on the couch with guest host John Mayer on "The Late Late Show" on Wednesday night to talk about their big moment out of the tank.

Because sharks can't talk (duh, they're not dolphins), their marine biologist handler explained that they wouldn't be able to answer John's question about what it feels like to be overnight star chondrichthyes. "Of course they can dance, they're Super Bowl sharks," said biologist Carl Thorson of the Harrington Institute of Oceanography.

Thrown off, but determined, Mayer pressed on, trying to find out if Thorson could explain all the social media chatter about why Left Shark seemed to be the, well, lesser chondricht. "In the wild sharks usually swim in pairs," Harrington said. "Naturally there's an alpha shark, on the right, and then the clumsier, dumber left shark sort of flops around like a sidekick... but no less important."

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Mystery solved.