Is Flirting Online The Same As Cheating? Most Millennials Think So

Yet another reason to self-police your online behavior.

Can a simple double-tap on Instagram lead to you being labeled a cheater? By responding to a Facebook comment, are you an unfaithful monster? Well, if your significant other is under the age of 35, chances are you've put yourself in the doghouse, because a new survey found that most millennials think online flirting is tantamount to cheating.

Fusion's Massive Millennial Poll surveyed 1,000 18- to 34-year-olds and when asked whether "online flirtations or relationships" amounted to cheating, a whopping 82% said yes (broken down by 77% of men and 88% of women).

But as Daily Dot points out, that question is open to interpretation. Is the flirt boundary crossed with a photo like? A comment? A DM?

The poll also demonstrated that as relationships move to the digital realm, some aspects are still best left for IRL interactions, such as breaking up.

Meanwhile, 32% of respondents said they've engaged in sexting, and only a quarter have taken nude selfies.

Check out the full survey results for more juicy insights into our generation.