8 'Jersey Shore'-Inspired Reasons Every Girl Needs To Celebrate Galentine’s Day

February 13th is meant to be spent with your female friends!

Valentine's Day: it's complicated. Maybe it's because you and your date find the romantic holiday a bit, well, overrated boring. Maybe it's because February 14 is just a another reminder of your single status. Or maybe you think candy conversation hearts taste gross.

Whatever the case, if you're not feeling the love on V-Day this year, don't fret. There's another fabulous occasion that's tons more fun: Galentine's Day!

For those unfamiliar with the Parks and Recreation vernacular, Galentine's Day is THE greatest holiday in the existence of humanity, founded by eternal Pawnee goddess Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). February 13 is meant to honor the most important group of people: girlfriends, moms, aunts, grandmas, sisters -- you know, all the awesome ladies in our lives.

And speaking of awesome ladies, no group of gals defined the meaning of sisterhood more than than "Jersey Shore"'s Snooki, JWOWW, Sammi and Deena. Yes, they had their fair share of drama during their days at Seaside Heights. But, at the end of the day, their bond was unbreakable.

So, with a little help from MTV's finest guidettes, here are the reasons every woman needs to celebrate Galentine's Day:

  1. You're allowed to utter the following mantra: "Hoes before bros. Uteruses before duderuses. Ovaries before brovaries."

    It's all about ladies celebrating ladies on Feb. 13.

  2. For a girls' night in, you can look like a hot mess.

    Who needs makeup if you're watching Netflix and eating junk food?

  3. For a girls' night out, you can claim the world as your runway.

    Fellas, kindly move to the back of the line.

  4. You can engage in female-empowering discussions about anything and everything.

    Girl power, forever and always.

  5. You can crank up the volume on your oh-so-amazing T-Swift and Queen Bey playlist.

    "New Romantics" AND "7/11" on repeat? Let the dance party begin!

  6. You can fully unleash your inner dork.

    No judgments and no shame on "the best day of the year."

  7. You can throw together the most kickass feast for your best ladyfriends.

    Brunch to your heart's content, because deli meats unlimited mimosas are a gift we must always treasure.

  8. And, most importantly, you can surround yourself with girlfriends who value you ... for YOU.

    Nothing better than that.