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Get Caught Up With 'The Walking Dead' In Under A Minute

There are zombies. Once you grasp that, you're pretty good to go.

So, you're the last person on the planet who has not yet watched "The Walking Dead." Wow. Pretty impressive! But it's time to give in. With the show returning February 8, there's no better time than now to join the herd of "Dead" heads.

You don't even need to binge-watch the entire show to understand everything that's happening in the AMC zombie apocalypse, either. Here's everything you need to know to dive right into "The Walking Dead" on Sunday night.

  1. There are zombies.

    They eat people, they're gross, and they're the reason why civilization no longer exists. Also, everyone becomes a zombie when they die, unless their brain is destroyed. It sucks.

  2. Rick Grimes is the star.
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    He's a former sheriff and a family man who lost his wife earlier in the apocalypse, and now cares for his adolescent son and infant daughter with the help of his companions.

  3. He's the leader of these people.
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    It's a big cast. You'll figure out their names as we go. If not, no worries. Most of them will die before long.

  4. Daryl Dixon is the best.
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    He's the dirty, sweaty, sexy crossbow guy that everyone loves. He's your favorite character, automatically.

  5. Carol Peletier is also the best.

    She's like Sarah Connor or Ellen Ripley, except instead of fighting robots and aliens, she kills zombies. She's your other favorite character.

  6. There are so many zombies.

    In case we haven't emphasized that enough yet. They're everywhere.

  7. Our people are bad people.

    At the very least, our people have killed other people. The body count includes an eyepatch-wearing psychopath named The Governor, a bunch of cannibals named Gareth and Martin, and so many more. In other words, our people are dangerous. They do whatever they have to do to survive.

  8. Our people just lost a loved one.

    Her name was Beth, and she was shot in the head by some bad people. Everyone in our group is really sad and mad, especially Beth's surviving sister Maggie, and Beth's good pal Daryl.

  9. Our people are on the road.

    They've lived in a handful of makeshift civilizations over the course of the apocalypse thus far, but these days, following the death of Beth, they're nomads looking for the next destination.

  10. Our people are in the south.

    The show takes place in and around the Atlanta area. Recently, our characters flirted with a road trip to Washington, D.C., but those plans seem to have been scrapped — for now.

  11. Did we mention the zombies?

    Because there are so many zombies.