'Seventh Son Too'? The Cast Tells Us What They Would Call The Sequel

Seventh Daughter?

The swords-and-dragons universe of "Seventh Son" is big enough that we can't help but start thinking of a sequel already. There are ancient witches and powerful witch-hunters, spells and potions and dragons -- you name it.

MTV News caught up with the stars of the new movie to talk about the flick, and what might come next for its magical leads. The big question, of course, was what to call the thing.

Ben Barnes, who plays apprentice witch hunter Tom, had some thoughts.

"Maybe I could have a baby with Alice [Alicia Vikander], we could have seven babies, and it would be called 'The Seventh Son of the Seventh Son.'"

Julianne Moore, who plays powerful witch Mother Malkin, had several ideas.

"'Seventh Daughter'? 'Eighth Son'? 'Next Time,'" she suggested.

See more suggestions from Moore, Barnes and Jeff Bridges in the clip above.

"Seventh Son" is in theaters now.