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This Is What Sam Smith's Second Album Will Be About

He says he's inspired by a breakup, but not his own.

Because Sam Smith's debut album was so specific in its theme -- the heartbreak of loving a man who never loved him back -- I've often wondered what his follow-up to In The Lonely Hour would be about. Another unrequited love? His love/hate relationship with flying? This sea lion he met in Australia? Shrug emoticons all around.

Well, it turns out that LP #2 will about a breakup -- but not his own.

"It's about my mom and dad splitting up, and it's going to be even more honest and even more brutal [than In The Lonely Hour]," Sam told The New York Times on Wednesday (February 4). "[This album] will be the most honest thing I've ever written in my life."

This isn't the first time the 22-year-old singer -- who will perform with one of his idols, Mary J. Blige, at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards this Sunday -- has mentioned his parents' split during an interview. In January 2014, he told Pigeons & Planes that: "My parents had like the nicest breakup you could think of and they're best friends now."

Sam's use of the word "now" seems to imply that his family was in turmoil for a while following the split. There must a lot of untapped drama he's resurfacing if this second album will be "more honest" and "more brutal" than his first.

In other Sam Smith news, the video for his next single, "Lay Me Down," will drop on Thursday (February 5) -- a.k.a., tomorrow! He literally just dropped a teaser for it on Instagram, so, um, go nuts.