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An Alternate Version Of Yeezus Exists -- But Will Kanye Release It?

Why not?

As producer Rick Rubin explains in his new song annotations for Genuis, Kanye West is both "careful and spontaneous" when he's creating music, which means that he usually creates several different options for one song before choosing the final version.

That seemed to apply more than usual when he was creating Yeezus. According to the legendary producer, 'Ye has so much material left from those sessions, that he could release an alternate version if he wanted to.

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"Something we talked about with Kanye was doing an alternate version of Yeezus, because there are so many versions of songs, great versions," Rubin explained on "There are versions just as good as what’s on the album, just different."

"I know, as a fan of the album, I’d like to hear that," he added. "Maybe some day, whenever he wants. But it exists! That sh-- exists."

"Bound 2" for example, morphed into something completely different than what they began with.

"'Bound 2' was a track that initially wasn't a sample-based track. It was a band track with singing, no idea who. I got involved late in the game," he revealed. "[Kanye] came in one day and said he got inspired driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, on the way to my studio. He thought it would be a good thing to try the sample he found, so we tried that and the whole song changed."

"The chorus was still the old way, where it was sort of a band version. I took everything out of that and reduced it to one sort of ugly sounding synth. I would say the old version was more like MORE, R&B."

"That’s just an example of one song on Yeezus that changed a lot. Some of them changed a little, some of them changed a lot."

So now it's up to Kanye if he wants to ever let us hear this music.