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Amy Schumer And Chrissy Teigen Amongst AskMen's Diverse List Of 'Outstanding Women' Nominees

Outstanding is the new desirable.

AskMen has released it's nominees for the 2015 "Outstanding Woman of the Year," a first for the site, which previously asked users to vote on women based on their "desirability." The approximately 200 women come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards host Amy Schumer to "Snack-Off" host Chrissy Tiegen to health care entrepreneur Halle Tecco to pro golfer Paula Creamer.

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The nominees are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and countries of origin, as well as women from a large age range. We spoke with AskMen publisher James Bassil to get the low down on what exactly made a woman qualified to be nominated, and how the site's positioning of women has shifted to reflect how men perceive the ideal woman.

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The main criteria that AskMen asked its panelists is that when selecting women for nomination, that they "vote for women who they could imagine themselves being in a relationship with," says Bassil. He went on to explain that "One thing that’s come more to the forefront in recent years is for guys to take into account what these women have achieved in their lives... in their professional lives and their personal lives, and the kind of influence that they have yielded as a consequence...(The ideal woman) has achieved things in her life and has all the characteristics of an accomplished person. They're interesting. They're dynamic. They have good taste. They're good conversationalists."

Perhaps few women among the diverse list of nominees embody these qualities like Amy Schumer, who in the words of Bassil, is serious relationship material because she has a "sense of humor, which guys and women respond to...She's risen to success in a highly competitive field, and she's done it in a way that's palatable and fun and funny and accessible."

To weigh in one which of these women you think most typifies the fantasy girlfriend of your dreams, vote here.