13 Things You Thought You Knew About Being A Teen From 'Beavis & Butthead'

You lied, Cornholio.

Friends may come and go throughout life, but "Beavis & Butthead" remain the same. Day after day, they're there for you on the couch in their shorts and mid-calf socks.

Though we did learn plenty of actual lessons from them (if you're awesome, you might be in a music video with Cher; a chainsaw is a totally legit prop to headbang with), our teenaged life was not much like theirs, to say the least. No parents, scads of downtime and eternal shorts weather? Not for us.

Ahead, 13 false things we thought would happen when we were teens, all thanks to "Beavis and Butthead":

  1. Life would be just one big hard rock concert.


  2. Our superhero alter egos would finally get some respect.

    OBEY ME.

  3. Everything would be so hardcore. Adolescence!

    So metal.

  4. School would be just like home, but with desks.

    Just doin' me.

  5. We could demand TP for our bungholes whenever we pleased.

    No TP. None.

  6. If we were hungry, we could just eat. Whenever we wanted.

    None of this "spoil your dinner" nonsense.

  7. Our love lives would really pick up.
    MTV one way or another.

  8. Sometimes we would have literal strokes of genius.

    What do you mean live and learn?

  9. We would be able to celebrate things the way we want.

    And if that means nachos out of a graduation cap, it means nachos out of a graduation cap.

  10. Suddenly we would have, like, mad dance moves.

    Get. Down.

  11. Our style status? Mad. Mad style.

    No arguments.

  12. Parents? What parents?

    I don't see any parents around here.

  13. The biggest misconception of them all? That we'd have all the time in the world to just hang out on the couch with our BFF. :(

    Homework is really cramping the game.