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This Is What The Grammys Red Carpet Looked Like 10 Years Ago

So many square-toed shoes.

Dudes, we are so stoked for the Grammys this Sunday, and to celebrate, we've been peeping red carpets from years past. Yesterday, we looked back at what our faves were wearing in 1995 (there were some serious gems), but today, we're gonna rewind just 10 years–to 2005, y'all! Mid-2000s fashion was, um, interesting to say the least, but we'll just let the outfits speak for themselves. Onward!


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Beyonce nailed it, of course, in a perfectly-fitted black and gold gown with a tucked high bun. WERK.

Kanye West

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Wowowow, this all white Kanye ensemble is killin' us. Love those square-toed shoes, Ye.

Aaron Carter

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Aaron Carter owned the 2000s (as his baggy suit jacket, jeans and dog tag necklace clearly show).


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Nelly also went with a mostly white ensemble but topped it off with a light blue jacket and super dark aviators. So calm, so cool.

Ricky Martin

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Awwww, bb Ricky Martin was the perfect mix of comfy-cool back in the day. Who else could wear a white T-shirt to the Grammys and look this good?

Christina Milian

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We need to talk about how Christina Milian managed to match all her accessories exactly to her halter dress. That's skill.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

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Here's proof that Gwen Stefani's classic bold red lip never goes out of style. She paired it with a black dress that showed off her shoulders and pointy-toed heels.


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Fergie's side chignon is also another beauty staple that seems to work time and time again. She wore a brown and gold strapless frock to finish the look.

Tyra Banks

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Oh my gahhh, Tyra is a vision in head-to-toe gold and that red hair TOTALLY works on her.


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We can't see Mario's full ensemble, but he's wearing a velvet tux, and that's good enough for us.

Franz Ferdinand

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Man, Franz Ferdinand was the band of the mid-2000s, so we aren't even mad at that double popped collar.

Alicia Keys

How cute is Alicia Keys in this cut out white and gold gown? Also, THOSE GRAMMYS.

Pharrell Williams

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Oh boy, remember the jean washes we sported in 2005? Pharrell's ensemble is nice reminder.

Lil Jon

Yep, it's just Lil Jon in his same ol' hat, sunglasses, and pimp cup outfit.

John Mayer

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We're not quite sure what look John Mayer was going for here, but let's just hope these jeans never make a comeback.

Maroon 5

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We included this mostly just to say: BABY ADAM LEVINE. BABY. ADAM. LEVINE.


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It seems that gold and white were certainly on trend this year as Ashanti shows off another embellished cut-out look.

Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri

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Looks like Janet Jackson got the memo too in her gold-accented beige halter gown.

Green Day

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We gotta give it up to Green Day for always having perfectly-fitted suits. Seriously, Billie Joe Armstrong had it in the bag.


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Another all white ensemble made an appearance on the red carpet–this time on Usher. Gold necklace layering is on point.


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Eve opted for a fiery, plunging frock with matching shoes and hair.

Brooke Hogan

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Nothing is more 2005 than seeing Brooke Hogan in an orange satin gown with a cut out back and a tiny bag. Nothing.


Luda was one of the few that went for a darker red carpet look, and TBH, the color palette here is pretty incredible.

Joss Stone

How Joss Stone is this dress? It's the perfect combo of boho-meets-red-carpet, and we can't get enough.


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