Miley Makes Album Art Now -- For Cody Simpson's Newest Tune

The song is called 'Flower' -- and Cyrus' art depicts just that.

Reinvention seems to in the air of late -- what with Miley Cyrus going all psych-punk and Justin Bieber's pal Cody Simpson leaving his label and striking out on his own with his upcoming record, appropriately titled Free. In fact, Cyrus and Simpson recently came together for an act of rebirth with the Australian singer-songwriter's newest track, "Flower," for which Cyrus contributed original art.

"I told her where I was headed, and [Miley] was stoked," Simpson told Rolling Stone of his beachy, sweet little love song. "I really admire how she's really unorthodox and fun."

When it came to creating art for the track, which harps on that old tradition of playing "she loves me, she loves me not" with petals, Cyrus was more restrained than with her "Dirty Hippie" collection.

Grabbing a dying flower from her apartment, Cyrus simply snapped away. "I shot it on some Polaroids, and then instead of complicating things, I said f--k it, I’m just going to shoot this shit on an iPhone," she said. "I just wanted something where people didn't have a stereotypical idea of what he was and could just look at the song for what it is, because it's a f--king epic song."

According to Simpson, we can expect more epic simplicity (if that's a thing) when his Cisco Adler-produced record drops some time this summer -- apparently his collab with Bieber is stalled for now. "This is the beginning of a long musical journey for me," he said in a statement. "I’m sticking to my guitar. I know who I am. For the first time, I felt like I properly represented who I am as an artist. Being free from the pop world is the most incredible feeling.”

Simpson will perform "Flower" on "Good Morning America" Friday.