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Emojis Are Now Scientifically Proven To Help You Get Lucky

[wink emoji]

Emojis pepper our conversations with superfluous hearts and cats, and generally make texting more interesting. It turns out they also may make your dating life more interesting too.

According to Time, new data from’s "Singles in America" survey suggests that there is a correlation between people who used emojis and people who had more sex. The survey profiled 5,675 non-Match users in the U.S. and found that 54% of emoji users in the sample had sex in 2014 compared to the 31% of singles who did not. Additionally, it seems that for both men and women, the more emojis used, the more sexually active the people were.

According to biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, who helped lead the endeavor, one explanation for the connection between emojis and sex is that the emoticons communicate personality in a medium where it's difficult to interpret a person's tone or interest. Fisher says that the findings also suggest that emoji users tend to go on more dates, and that "62% of emoji users want to get married compared to 30% of people who never used an emoji...that’s pretty good."

In conclusion: If you like it then you should most definitely put a [ring emoji] on it.

Because if not, you should start.