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YG Snaps A Pic With 2Pac's Mom And Thanks Her For Giving Birth To The Rap Icon

'Pac has a new exhibit at the Grammy Museum.

YG has emerged as this generation's voice for Los Angeles street music. His 2014 debut album, My Krazy Life, is critically acclaimed and a fan-favorite, starting YG on a similar path as West Coast rap legends like N.W.A, Snoop Dogg and, of course, 2Pac.

In fact, YG paid homage to 'Pac when he went to visit the 2Pac exhibit at the Grammy Museum, where he met the late rapper's mother Afeni Shakur.

"I got 2 speak about my influences from TUPAC Lastnight on behalf of the streets doe. W/ the people he grew up with. & I met miss AFENI SHAKUR yesterday and I told her, Thank you and for giving birth 2 TUPAC," YG wrote to caption a IG photo he took with 'Pac's mom and posted on Tuesday night. "That's 1 N---A most N---AZ listen 2 like he BIG BRO, some N--AZ in the streets with no father figure Listen to his lyriKs and apply them to they life as guidance through these Kold streets in this Kold world."

The "All Eyez on Me: The Writings of Tupac Shakur" exhibit opened on Monday and showcases lyrics and poems from the late rapper, who actually never won a Grammy.