There's Still No Cure For Cancer, But There Are Things You Can Do To Fight It Today


The C-word is infamous for sounding scary, but today on World Cancer Day people from all over the globe are coming together and going purple to tackle this beast, as well as celebrate some of the victories we've made in recent years. If you're itching to do some good today but not sure how to go about it, we've got some suggestions for you.

  • Protect Your Health

    Things like eating healthy, exercising and not smoking can be very beneficial in preventing cancer in the first place. But because cancer isn’t 100% preventable through these things, it’s also important to get early screenings. That way your doctor can catch anything suspicious early and that makes it that much easier to take care of.

  • Find A Walk Or Rally

    Relay for Life events are the most famous for fundraising against cancer, but they’re not the only ones out there. You can join Relay for Life events, or walks or runs put on by other cancer organizations. If there’s a particular type of cancer that’s important for you to fight, there will be a corresponding event or fundraiser.

  • Help Kids With Cancer

    You can donate money, but if money is tight, there are other ways to help out. Visiting a children’s hospital to hang with the kids or read to them could be a great way to brighten someone’s spirits. If you have old toys you don’t need anymore, donating them could also really cheer a kid up.

  • Support Cancer Organizations

    There are a lot of ways to support different cancer orgs — donating, volunteering, fundraising, walking, you name it. You can support orgs like Stand Up 2 Cancer, which is working to find the cure, or MedGift, which was founded by MTV’s own Diem Brown, and its goal is to make sure patients get everything they need.

  • Tweet #FightWorldCancer

    We want to show that fighting cancer is a priority. When you’re on social media today, tweet #FightWorldCancer. It will show solidarity with patients and survivors and let politicians know that you want to make sure doctors, scientists and hospitals are getting what they need financially to really take cancer on.

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