Will Johnny Bananas And Nany Uproot John And Simone From 'EX-iled'?

Watch the power team take on their very first losers bracket battle.

John and Simone have been living large as reigning "EX-iled" royalty, but are the newest "Battle of the Exes 2" castoffs about to send 'em back to serfdom?

On last night's "Challenge" episode, #1 seed Johnny Bananas and Nany were shockingly ousted from the game thanks to the devious efforts of nemeses Wes and Theresa. Resigned to the idea that they'd soon be forced to fly home, Team Green was totally shocked when TJ announced there was still a chance they could reenter the competition by winning a behind-closed-doors losers bracket competition, and in the clip below, they approach "The Ring" like lions preparing for a hunt.

"Phenomenal plot twist -- this old dog's seen a lot of tricks," Bananas assesses in the clip as he and Nany gear up for modified tug-of-rope battle against their "Are You the One?" opponents.

"I definitely need this," Nany says. "We need this."

Still, "AYTO"'s not ready to go down.

"We're gonna get it," John declares. "We're gonna beat the best."

So who comes out of "EX-iled" alive? Watch the underground warfare go down, and be sure to tune in to the next new "Battle of the Exes 2" episode next Tuesday night at 11/10c!