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Dear Grammys: We Have Some Beyoncé-Related Suggestions

She needs to perform.

Dear Grammy Team: Thus far, you are doing aces with your slate of 2015 performers; Sam Smith, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Rihanna -- we are truly excited to partake in your Sunday night programming. We do have one request/suggestion, however: Your lineup could use more Beyoncé.

While rumors are currently circulating that Bey might be taking the stage with Common and John Legend for a "Selma" tribute -- and she's up for every award ever -- we're not satisfied with mere rumblings. And we're way too damn impatient to wait for you spill those proverbial beans.

In light of the rapidly approaching "Big Night," then, we've compiled a list of ways you might be able to incorporate Beyoncé into your show. You're welcome in advance.

  1. She And Nicki Could Feel Themselves

    Nothing says the most prestigious night in music like two ladies singing about taking... um... care of themselves. We have yet to see Bey and Barbie's video for this saucy The Pinkprint track, but our disappointment would be slightly abated if we could see the pair perform the jam while the Academy looks on in ball gowns and tuxes.

  2. Destiny's Child Reunion?

    Well, it happened with NSYNC at the VMAs...

  3. She And Blue Could Bust Out A Mother-Daughter Dance -- And Maybe Jay Could Join

    This baby has already nailed the "Single Ladies" choreography AND guested on Beyoncé track "Blue." It's time to go all Partridge Family up on the Grammys. Maybe sans "Drunk In Love," though...

  4. Tayoncé? Can We Make This A Thing?

    We know, we know, Taylor Swift is just too busy to indulge every single one of our wishes (still waiting on my Christmas gift, lady), but wouldn't this be rad? Just the image of Tay and Bey dancing together, on stage, is enough to launch a thousand GIFs...

  5. Maybe Madge And Bey Could Bow Down To Each Other

    Madonna is probably going to take the stage with Chance the Rapper or Mike Tyson or something when she performs at the Grammys -- nevertheless, she basically owes it to feminism to scratch all that and do a duet with Bey instead.

  6. Or Just Go Full-On Diva With Madge, Ariana And Whatever Badass Lady Hits The Stage

    Whatever, dudes.

  7. She Could Bust Out Some 'Dirty Deeds' With AC/DC
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    I just think this would be a really special moment.

  8. Or It Could Just Be Bey, Yonce and Sasha Fierce

    Not that Bey needs anyone else on stage with her to stop a show. Just put her up there. Add a mike and some glitter. And stir liberally until everyone can't control their damn selves anymore.