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SpongeBob And Plankton TM-Up To Save Bikini Bottom In This Exclusive 'SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: Sponge Out Of Water' Clip

There's a shortage of Krabby Patties, and people are not happy about it.

What's Bikini Bottom without its famous Krabby Patty? As it turns out, total chaos.

When the Krusty Krab's Krabby Patty secret recipe is stolen by a pirate named Burger Beard, it's up to SpongeBob Squarepants and Co. to track it down and restore order in the town. That's pretty much the premise of "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Sponge Out Of Water."

In this exclusive clip from the animated flick, SpongeBob and an unlikely ally, Chum Bucket owner Plankton, team up -- or as Plankton would say, TM-up -- to find the missing recipe. But they have no idea that this journey is going to take them above sea level.

“The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: Sponge Out Of Water” hits theaters February 6.